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Ozio & Negozio - ecommerce Tools

Our ecommerce solutions allow you to sell tangible products as well as digital goods or services.

It is the ideal solution for those who want to enter into the arena of ecommerce, with easy store administration, minimal economic investment, advanced Web technology and integrated SEO functionality.

The platform is optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Ease of use
We provide the necessary tools to help develop and grow an online business with an easy-to-use interface. Via an intuitive control panel you can set all of the necessary configurations for product catalogs, client orders and customers management.

Graphic Design
We offer a variety of professional designs and layouts to choose from. Each basic model suits different needs and it is possible to further customize each model for a specific client. You can also take advantage of our team of professionals to create a unique design.

Online Catalogs
Promuovi i tuoi prodotti e servizi 24 ore su 24 con prezzi decisamente inferiori rispetto all'editoria tradizionale.

Newsletter mailing service
Keep your customers and contacts updated with customized news and offers.
Our Web service lets you you manage the newsletter content, archives and recipient lists through your ecommerce control panel.

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